Abortion Secrets:

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The Abortion Breast Cancer Link (The ABC Link)

The scientific evidence is clearer than ever, and can no longer be ignored: abortion is a real, powerful trigger for breast cancer. 

Pregnancy Changes the Mother’s Very DNA

Even if a woman aborts her child, cells of her child may stay with her. The fetus need not come to full term to leave its lasting imprint on the mother. 

The After Effects of Abortion

Since Roe v. Wade (1973), there have been many studies into the afteraffects of abortion. Their combined results paint a haunting picture of physical and psychological damage among millions of women who have undergone abortions.

Why Do Women Have Abortions? It’s Not What You Think

A surprising look at the reasons women give for abortion.

Each Abortion Increases a Woman’s Risk of Premature Death by 50%, New Study Reports

The findings are best explained by the psychological effects of pregnancy loss, which conribute to elevated levels of stress, substance abuse, risk taking, and self-destructive behaviors. 

Abortion Risks: A Women’s Right to Know

A quick-to-absorb list of abortion risks, compiled by the Louisiana Department of Health.


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Hush Documentary Clip: Breast Cancer and Abortion

Even if you’re pro-choice, this is something you need to know. 


The Magical Birth Canal

A witty approach to exposing the inconsistencies inherent in a pro-abortion perspective.

Life Institute

I AM HUMAN. I Have a Right to Life. Abortion Takes Away that Right.

A pictorial look at what it means to be human. 

Supplemental Reading

Undercover Videos: Planned Parenthood

This series of videos investigates whether or not Planned Parenthood is illegally selling fetal body parts.

Guide to Why Abortion is Wrong

A comprehensive resource, including responses for the most common abortion myths.

Abortion History: 1959-1998

This timeline was put together by the National Right to Life organization.  It includes helpful explanations on U.S. Supreme Court rulings and a history of the different laws since Roe v. Wade.

A History of Abortion: 1821-2009

This timeline takes you back into the 19th century and shows how society handled abortion almost two hundred years ago.

Abortion Testimonials

Real life stories of men and women who have had abortions.

A Gallop Poll on Abortion

Statistics on how abortion views have changed over time.

Supplemental videos

America Magazine

Powerful Millennial Women Speak Out

Women from all different demographics, backgrounds, and political persuasions talk about why they’re pro-life.

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