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to guide group discussion:

  1. How would people’s attitudes toward marriage change if they knew the divorce rate was much lower than 50 percent? Are you surprised to learn that over 70% of all married couples are still married to their first spouse?

2. Why do you think nearly 75 percent of all divorces are filed by women? List some of the factors that play in to this.  How does feminism factor into this, or does it?

3. What are the top reasons people state for filing for divorce? Discuss ways to resolve these challenges without resorting to divorce.

4. In your experience, does divorce make people happier, or does it cause as many problems as it solves?

5. Think about the couples you know who have gotten divorced. If these couples (either the man or woman) could turn back the clock, do you think they would still go through with their divorce?

6. In what ways, if any, does divorce place a burden upon society? (Consider things like education, crime, physical and emotional health, poverty reduction, welfare, etc.) 

7. If your goal were to decrease the risk of divorce, what is the best age to get married? Support your answer.

8. Regarding no-fault divorce, what impact has no-fault (easy) divorce had on marriage and commitment as a whole?  As a society, should we make divorce more difficult to obtain?  Why or why not?

9. What problems result from divorce? What problems does divorce resolve?  With what you now know, do you view divorce as a viable solution to marital challenges?

10. If you had a friend who was considering divorce, how could you share what you have learned today to help that friend make the best choice?

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