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Homefront is a project years in the making – decades actually. Homefront was created by a team at United Families International and, like you, we are students, mothers, fathers, grandparents, single, married, young and the more seasoned.

We find that nearly every time one of us gets a chance to have a meaningful conversation about social issues, we learn from – and are able to teach one another. We want to help more people have opportunities like that.

We believe that conversations based on basic truths, good science and respect for others can create meaningful dialogue and positive change.


So we hope you find in this website, lots of great ideas and years of productive conversations! Dive in deep, think critically, challenge yourself and start talking!

Eleanor Roosevelt gave us this inspiration:

Great Minds discuss ideas;

Average Minds discuss events;

Small Minds discuss people.

How can we help?

We're happy to help in any way we can—just drop us a line.


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We want to hear from you: your thoughts, your questions, your takeaways.  Do you have a personal story to share?  Is there a topic you’d like to see discussed?  Let us know.

We are excited to have you engaged with HomeFront Project!


Help support the HomeFront Project by making a donation today. Donations are accepted through our parent organization, United Families International.

We are thankful for your support of the HomeFront Project!

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