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You may have noticed it’s not very easy to have certain conversations these days. Social, political, and religious topics can be tough to navigate with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or the guy on the train. If these conversations have left you feeling alone, we’re here with information, ideas, and connections.

What We Do

We connect like-minded people in discussion groups and give you everything you need (like a book club). We provide tons of information for the discussions, outlines, research, and even talking points for learning about and discussing more than twenty hot-button topics.

How It Works

Before your friends gather, notify everyone of the topic and have them read, in advance, two articles and watch two videos – more if you’re feeling ambitious – from the topic list. Gather and discuss what you’ve learned – and don’t forget the snacks!  Go home prepared to make a difference!  Learn more here.

What to Consider

HomeFront topic units present principles that support the healthiest relationships and lifestyles. While there are many who, through no fault of their own, do not enjoy the benefits of these ideal circumstances, discussing ideal principles and their benefits does two things: 1) understanding these principles acknowledges and gives validity to a sense of loss or a pain point, and 2) these principles provide a clear path for creating the healthiest families and societies.

Many may argue that, out of compassion, we must teach principles that all feel they are capable of living. This approach is destructive. For example, the values being promoted in society right now are diversity, equity and inclusion. Looked at closely it appears to reject traditional values in an effort to make the “marginalized” feel better. This is like not teaching about how essential Vitamin D is to health because the sun doesn’t shine in your neighborhood. If you acknowledge that our bodies need Vitamin D, even though you don’t have it around you naturally, you can find ways to supplement so you can attain the healthiest lifestyle.

The truth is most, if not all, fall short of ideal principles. Nevertheless, that is not a reason to discard them. We need them desperately in our personal lives, families and society. As you read through these lessons please keep the following in mind:

1) Ideal principles explain pain points and promote health; they don’t marginalize people.
2) Ideal principles guide choices; they don’t categorize people.

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We want to hear from you: your thoughts, questions, any input.  We are excited to have you engaged with HomeFront Project!

What participants say

I’ve known for a long time I needed to speak up.  I feel much more confident explaining my position, now.

– Madison

It’s been so great to meet with friends and have conversations that matter.  HomeFront made it easy.

– Lisa


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We want to hear from you: your thoughts, your questions, your takeaways.  Do you have a personal story to share?  Is there a topic you’d like to see discussed?  Let us know.

We are excited to have you engaged with HomeFront Project!


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