Feminism 101

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to guide group discussion:

1. How has feminism changed over time?  List the “waves” of feminism. What focus did each “wave” have?

2. What is the focus of today’s brand of feminism? Be specific.

3. What solutions does feminism, in its current form, provide: a) To you, personally b) To women in highly developed countries (like the U.S.) c) to women in developing countries (like in Africa and the Middle East)?

4. Does the “ Women’s March ” movement represent you?

5. Where does the concept of “gender wage gap” stem from? Are women paid less for doing the exact same job? Is there a “gender wage gap”? Explain your answers. 

6. “Kids are a Companies Greatest Competitor” –  Why would a Gallup publication, intented to coach companies on how to retain female employees, devote a chapter to this topic?

7. The feminist book The Awakening was written by Kate Chopin in 1899. It describes motherhood and children in this manner: “The children appeared like before her like antagonists who had overcome her, who had overpowered and sought to drag her into the soul’s slavery for the rest of her days.”  Have you (or did you) ever wondered if you were causing your mother unhappiness or stifling her life?  Does this sentiment- a natural outgrowth of feminist dogma- have an impact on our children?

8. Has feminism pit mother and child against each other? Explain your answer.

9. What does the perfect balance between children and career look like? Is it possible to “have it all”?

10. What does feminisim tell women about how to become powerful and important?

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