Impact of Religion:

DUring the meeting


to guide group discussion:

1. What are some of the features of today’s religious landscape? Are all religions in decline or just some religions? Which ones and why? 

2. Considering the rise of the “nones,” as they age, to what degree will the millennial generation turn back toward religion? Or will they turn back at all?

3. How does religion help establish boundaries in society? What are some of those boundaries?

4. How might your religious beliefs and practices benefit your community? How might your neighbor’s religious beliefs and practices impact you? Consider both positive and negative aspects.

5. Do the benefits of religion enjoyed by the faithful also benefit society as a whole? Explain your answer.

6. How might religiosity (more of it or less of it) impact the societal unrest we are experiencing today? 

7. Is the government the most efficient and effective provider of charitable goods and services? Why or why not?

8. In an increasingly secular world, is it necessary for religion to modify their doctrine to retain members? Explain your answer.

9. Does secularism drive prosperity – or does prosperity drive secularism?

10. What role does religious practice play in mental health, particularly in fostering hope and purpose? Consider things like depression and suicide. 

11. What role does religion have in marriage? Has religion brought positive values to your marriage or or your relationships or children? If so, how?

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