Religious Freedom

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What in the World is Religious Freedom? 

Religious freedom is a fundamental right that is guaranteed in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Learn about the founding fathers’ understanding of this crucial right and how that right is being threatened.

How to Talk about Religious Freedom

Discusses talking points and how to talk to others about religious freedom and why that is important.

35 Questions about Religious Freedom

Learn responses to some of the most common myths and misunderstandings associated with religious freedom. Know your rights as a religious person in educational settings, on government property, in areas of free speech, at work or at your place of business.

Sexual Identity Politics and Religious Freedom in a Secular Age

Learn how sexual identity politics have affected our religious freedom. 

Why We Can and Should Legislate Morality

There’s an oft repeated phrase “You can’t legislate morality.” Is that correct? Discover a new way to think about this statement.

Religious Persecution Rising – Especially In Middle East

With religious liberty under siege around the world, people of goodwill should stand for the rights of believers everywhere. Unpopular minority faiths are like the proverbial canary in the mine: when they die, further violations of human life and dignity inevitably are coming.


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The heritage foundation

America’s Biggest Issues: Religious Freedom

Explores what freedom of religion from government looks like and how it is affected by others. Addresses both the rights of religious and non-religious and how, best, to treat all people and religions equally.

Prager u

Religious Tolerance: Made in America

Highlights the origins of religious freedom and diversity in America. Recounts how and why America, throughout her history, has valued religious liberty.

Alliance defending freedom

“If a law that forces someone to promote something against their beliefs is so laughable, so unimaginable…then why is it so difficult to extend the same freedom to a Christian creative professional?”

Supplemental Reading

Hostility to Religion: The Growing Threat to Religious Liberty in the United States

A compilation of specific examples where those of faith have been persecuted because their religious beliefs run counter to popular political opinion.

Resource: A Student’s Rights Handbook: A Guide to Religious Freedom on Campus

Know your religious rights at school. Excellent resource with specifics every student, and parent, should know. This is a free handbook (although you do have to fill out a form to have it emailed to you).

Religious Liberty Drives Human Flourishing – And Why This Matters Now More Than Ever

Increases in religious liberty lead to improvements in human flourishing, and yet in many places around the world religious liberty is being threatened, even within the U.S.

The Do No Harm Act Would Undermine RFRA

Overview of what RFRA did and the damage that the Do No Harm Act would inflict on religious freedom.

Community Freedom

Discussion of past and current struggles with religious tolerance in our communities.

Study finds religious freedom is an area of unity in a divided America

While the country is polarized on many levels, the Religious Freedom Index finds that most Americans agree on First Amendment issues. 

Supplemental videos

the economist

“China’s Muslim Uyghurs face systematic oppression from their own government. Their home province of Xinjiang has been turned into a police state—an estimated one million of them are detained in camps where they are brainwashed. How and why are China’s leaders doing this?”

church newsroom

What is Freedom of Religion?

Different voices from different faiths discussing what religious freedom means and why it matters to them.

First liberty institute

4 Facts You Should Know About Religious Liberty in Public Schools

Young Americans need to be aware of their religious liberty rights and stand strong when those rights are threatened. Here are 4 facts every student should know about religious liberty.

Talking Points

Resources to help you discuss with friends and family.

Social Media Resources

Share resources for families through social media.

Advocacy Tips

Get involved in your community and local governments to make a difference.

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