Sexual Orientation:

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We all know and love people who experience same-sex attraction. We care deeply about them and their families. Society’s messaging regarding sexual orientation has grown loud and become narrowly focused. Discussions regarding same-sex attraction can be difficult, even polarizing. Therefore, one of the goals for this unit is to present information the media and academia may exclude from the conversation. Our desire is to bring added clarity, insight and understanding. We hope a greater knowledge of the science and implications surrounding sexual orientation will help all of us reach a point where we can truly meet the needs of those we love who experience same-sex attraction.

“Born that way” –  What the professional organizations say:

“There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian orientation.  Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social and cultural influences of sexual orientation, no findings have merged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors [emphasis added].  Many think that nature and nurture both play complex roles; most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation.”  American Psychological Associations, “Sexual Orientation & Homosexuality.

“Therapeutic Options” –  What the professional organizations say:

“It is not the case that sexual orientation is immutable or might not vary to some extent in a person’s life. Nevertheless, sexual orientation for most people seems to be set around a point that is largely heterosexual or homosexual… It is also the case that for people who are unhappy about their sexual orientation – whether heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual – there may be grounds for exploring therapeutic options to help them live more comfortably with it, reduce their distress and reach a degree of acceptance of their sexual orientation.” – Royal College of Psychiatrists’ [United Kingdom] statement on sexual orientation, position statement PS02/2014.


(Read two or more)

From a Same-Sex Attracted Muslim: Between Denial of Reality and Distortion of Religion

An explanation of the dynamics of same-sex attraction that will resonate with persons of any religion. Read a same-sex attracted individual’s insights into how we best respond and support our same-sex attracted loved ones.

“Born that way” no more: The new science of sexual orientation

A new study adds to a growing body of evidence demonstrating that the dominant narrative about sexual orientation—that it is genetically determined—simply cannot be true. The most current information regarding gene studies might surprise you.

Does religion cause same-sex individuals to commit suicide?

There is no reputable, serious research showing people commit suicide because a particular religion refuses to embrace homosexuality. None.

For another article on this topic, go here.

Don’t force your sexual ideology on me and my children

“Yes, be polite to us, and we will be polite to you. But we know that we are in an intense battle over the hearts and minds of our children”

Why “Gaying Up” Straight Marriages Would Make them Worse, Not Better

Professor Stephanie Coontz was recently published in The New York Times informing us that if the straights would make our marriages ‘gayer’ we would be all the better for it.

The Hidden Truth about Changing Sexual Orientation

Ten Ways Pro-LGBT Sources Undermine the Case for “Change Therapy” Bans

For additional information on the research on “Change Therapy” Bans, go here.


(Watch one or more)

Alliance Defending Freedom

Katy Faust’s Story

Daughter of a Lesbian mother speaks out about the need for man and woman marriage. (6:59) 

Family Watch International

Understanding Same-Sex Attraction

Learn what may contribute to feelings of same-sex attraction and hear the experiences of those who have been able change the direction of their lives.  (30:00)

FOCUS National

What is Marriage?  Why does marriage matter?

Only if we can answer the question of “What is Marriage” can we then know if our law and policy treats people equally. One of the best explanations of marriage you may ever hear. (21:00)

Supplemental Articles

Same-sex parenting studies

Almost none of the studies claiming to find “no differences” in outcomes for children – between same-sex parenting and biological-parent parenting – actually does so.   “Any four hands may do,” but which four hands do best?


Read the stories of those who have changed their sexual orientation.

Why are so many Lesbians Getting Pregnant?  

One’s sexual orientation is supposed to be locked in and unchangeable, like sex, race, or ethnicity. But high pregnancy rates among lesbians confound that narrative.

“How to Stop Sexualizing Everything”

A strong feeling for someone is not always about sex. Many people confuse phileo with eros because either they aren’t free to express it or they see it through an overlay of sexualization (or both).

How might homosexuality develop? Putting the Pieces Together

A psychologist explains possible causes of same-sex feelings and behavior in the context of family dynamics. This is not intended to be a definitive explanation of origins of same-sex feelings, nor is it intended to be an indict of any parent.

Farewell to the “Gay Gene Theory”

There is no single “gay gene”, according to a prestigious study which analyses survey responses about same-sex sexual behavior and correlates them with genetic data.


Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom

by Ryan Anderson

One of the best books available on the topic of sexual orientation, marriage, the rights of children and religious freedom. Includes the latest research on sexual orientation, same-sex parenting and shares a roadmap for a post Obergefell world. (Check your local library to see if they have a copy.)

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