Sexual Revolution

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to guide group discussion:

1. Describe and discuss the impact hormonal birth control, pornography and online dating have had on male/female relations. Are relationships better now, or worse?  Explain your responses.

2.  How do you feel that the “relationship marketplace” has changed for women? How has it changed for men? Has the sexual revolution empowered women?

3. Discuss how “the law of supply and demand” might affect sexual relationships.

4. What do you feel the long-term effect will be of all these changes?

5. What role, if any, has feminism played in the “sexual revolution?”

6. What does the term “sexual integrity” mean to you? (How would you explain it to a friend?) Is “sexual integrity” a more useful, less polarizing term than “abstinence?”


7. Are sexual integrity and self-esteem connected? If so, how?

8. What does it mean to have sexual integrity before marriage? What does it mean to have sexual integrity after marriage?

9. Is there a difference between sexual integrity, pre-marriage, and being “involuntarily celibate” (unable to attract a potential spouse or partner)?

10. In a culture where it’s a foregone conclusion that everyone is having pre marital sex, what advice would you offer as a response when someone is amazed you haven’t?

11. Do you think religious communities and leaders, as a whole, have been assertively teaching the importance of not having sex before marriage? And, if they haven’t been, why not?   

12. How can you effectively teach others about sexual integrity, especially our children?

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