Excusing Away Abortion:

DUring the meeting


to guide group discussion:

1. What in the pre-discussion materials (readings/videos) surprised you?

2. How does Gianna’s story change the way you think about abortion? How does it change the way that you think those with disabilities feel about their own lives?

3.Considering the state of medical care for pregnant woman today, do you think “life of the mother” is a legitimate justification for abortion? How often does this situation arise? What options are available for treatment?

4. What is a fetus and is a fetus part of a woman’s body?   

5. How would you counsel someone who is pregnant as a result of rape or incest?

6. Why do you think abortion is such a polarizing issue?

7. If we as a society believe that an unborn fetus is not a human life, then can we rightly charge people with harsher crimes involving pregnant women?

8. Should women seeking an abortion have to go through some type of intervention before being able to proceed?  How about women who are minors?

9. What happens in an abortion procedure?  (the various types of abortion?) 

10. What is a “Partial Birth Abortion?”  How often are partial birth abortions done?

11. When does human life begin, and at what stage of development should an unborn child have human rights.  When the heart starts beating?  Recognizable as a child?   Feels pain?   When the baby is out and breathing on its own?  When it is 29 days old?  (See Peter Singer and “after-birth abortion”). 

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