Feminism 201

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The War Against Boys

“This we think we know: American schools favor boys and grind down girls. The truth is the very opposite. By virtually every measure, girls are thriving in school; it is boys who are the second sex.”

The Wars Against Men

Much ink is spilt in regards to the “war against women” but what about men?  See the statistics showing the challenges men face. 

Are Feminists to Blame for the Plight of Boys and Men?

“In addition to selling the lie that American women are oppressed, feminists also want Americans to reject male and female nature… Ultimately, it means dismantling gender completely.”

Feminism Isn’t Helping Girls, and Certainly Not Boys

How the shifts in feminisim are not only unhelpful, but harmful to boys. 

Modern Feminism’s Androgyny Project, and Why Sex Matters

Changing gender structure not only hurts men and boys, but also women.

On The Waves of Feminism with Mona Charen

One of the unfortunate poisons that feminism leached into the culture is hostility between the sexes. We need to rescue feminism from that.


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Suzanne Venker

Does Feminism Speak for Women?

A relationship specialist discusses feminism’s impact on men and boys and the inequality of feminism. (9:21)

Prager University

Make Men Masculine Again

This video explores how men need to be enabled to be more masculine in order to be better men and protectors of women and children. (5:09)

Fox News

Men in America

What is going on with men, and why aren’t we more concerned about it?  (13:33)

Supplemental articles

Can There Be a Moderate Feminism?

A genuinely moderate feminism must begin with an acknowledgement of the goodness in human love, human community, and responsibility, not with a radical embrace of independence and self-created identities.

A Nordic Paradox: Higher Gender Equality, More Partner Violence

Despite being highly rate in the gender equality arena, Nordic countries also have the highest rates of Intimate Partner Violence against Women in the E.U.  Why?

When Times are Good, The Gender Gap Grows

The more egalitarian a society, the greater the gap in personality and behavior differences between men and women.

The more equal women and men are, the less they want the same things, study finds

Gender differences across six key personality traits — altruism, trust, risk, patience, and positive and negative reciprocity — increase in richer and more gender-equal societies, and shrink in societies with less equality.

Supplemental videos

Fox News: Tucker

Toxic Masculinity?

Men in America, Part II

Research shows that men are falling behind and some celebrate it as women’s advancement. (9:29)

The red pill

The Red Pill: What is the Future of Gender Equality?

A polarizing journey into the Men’s Rights Movement.

(Full-Length documentary, currently available on Amazon Video.)


Meeting the Enemy

Cassie Jaye in a TED talk explained her film and her experience of coming to terms with feminism and its treatment of men. (14:47)


Hey Men! We Appreciate Chivalry, and Here’s Why.

Do we shame men for trying to be kind? (3:14)

United Families International

Expert Call with Stephen Baskerville

Listen in on UFI’s HomeFront Expert Call and hear what Stephen has to say about feminism’s impact on our husbands,  fathers and sons.  (42:33)

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Advocacy Tips

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