Feminism 201

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to guide group discussion:

1. Has feminism helped our brothers, sons, and husbands to be better men?

2. What are some of the messages feminism sends to our sons? Are these messages helpful and healthy for our sons?

3. What is the primary role of men in the ideal feminist society? Define the role of men/boys under feminism. Do they have a specific role?

4. Has feminism helped to create a “purpose void” in men? If so, what effect has that had on the willingness of boys and men to commit to things like education, careers, dating, and marriage?

5. Is there such things as “toxic masculinity”? If so, what is it? Is there a counterpart in females?

6. Has feminism helped to end “toxic masculinity” or has it actually ended up empowering bad/predatory males?

7. What challenges are boys and men facing today? Are those challenges getting the attention they deserve? How will the challenges they face impact women and children in the long term?

8. What does the feminist concept of “total equality” between men and women look like? Do women have to be the same to be equal to men? Have women internalized the “equality= sameness” message?

9. How has feminism helped or harmed female/male relationships?

10. How has feminism changed the concept of family? Are families stronger or weaker because of feminism? Explain your answer.

11. There’s a body of research indicating the more egalitarian the society the more different from men women become.  Why do you think that is the case?

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