Impact of Religion

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Religion’s Profound Influence on Families and Society

More than at any other time, scientific research today provides evidence for the profoundly positive influence of religion in individual lives, families, and communities.

Gallup Poll: Religion

Extensive polls reveal trends of American religious views over decades, addressing the question of whether or not the age group “millennials” will remain less religious than past generations.

Glenn Stanton: Is Christianity really shrinking?

Is church membership actually down over the last few decades? Yes and no. It depends on what branch of Christianity we’re talking about.

The Positive Effects of Religion on Mental Illness

Reviews research on the positive effects of religion on mental health and why this is the case.

Millennials’ Religiosity Amidst the Rise of the Nones

Interpretation of Gallup poll trends among millennials.

Received a Bachelor’s Degree By Family Structure and Religious Practice

Research on the correlation between religion, family structure and educational attainment.

The surprising Truth about which Men Do Chores

A study by University of Utah researchers debunks stereotype of what type of men do the most domestic chores.


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Religious Freedom & business foundation

Faith by the Numbers

A fast-paced video explaining the socio-economic impact of religion in the U.S.

J. Reuben Clark law society

Clay Christensen on Religious Freedom

Clayton Christensen asks the question: If we lose religion, where will people learn to obey the law?

EWTN news nightly

Religion, Family on the Decline

A new poll shows a shift in American values, and this broadcast explores whether or not the increase in suicide, anxiety and general despair are related to the decline in religion.

Supplemental Reading

Why Religion Matters Even More: The Impact of Religious Practice on Social Stability

Discusses many aspects of the effects of religion on families, individuals, and society. Gives policy suggestions toward the end.

Free exercise of religion needs strong protection

Why should a society keep religion and religious expression strong? This article gives a succinct list of the positive effects of religion.

The Mental Health Benefits of Religion & Spirituality

Research highlights the benefits of spirituality and religion and illustrates the distinction between the two.

95 Social Science Reasons for Religious Worship and Practice

If you like fast facts and the citations to support them, this is the link for you.

The Influence of Religion on Health

Effectively describes the differences between “spirituality” and “religion” and their impact on health.

A Gallop Poll on Abortion

Statistics on how abortion views have changed over time.

Supplemental videos

Tedx talks

A Scientific Defense of Spiritual & Religious Faith

Tony Jack makes the case that spirituality and religion are not only good for you, but good for those around you. At first the video seems not to be about religion, but stay with it.

Prager U

The Benefits of Belief

Does God exist? This Prager U video discusses the benefits of belief in God or a higher power.

The Economist

Religion, Faith, and the Role They Play Today

“Religion and faith are an integral part of people’s lives worldwide. But in many countries the number of people who believe in God is in decline.” The role of religion in the world is changing.


by Arthur Brooks

Which groups of people donate the most time, money and effort to correct the ills in society?  This book dispels many of the myths surrounding religion and what it contributes to society.

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Advocacy Tips

Get involved in your community and local governments to make a difference.

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