Stop Pornography

During the meeting


to guide group discussion:

1. If the pornography industry’s motto is “porn never killed anyone”  is used as justification and protection for pornography, what are counterarguments?

2. Should pornography be protected as free speech or artistic expression? 

3. What do you think should be done to ensure our children are safe from the harms of pornography?

4. How should a parent respond when they find out their child has viewed pornography, inadvertently or intentionally?

5. What are the dangers of allowing an atmosphere of shame to overtake the topic of pornography?  What do you think would happen if we stopped speaking out against pornography?

6. What is the relationship between pornography and human trafficking? Does this surprise you?

7. What is “super normal stimulus” and how do you think this concept applies to pornography changing people’s expectations within sexual relationships?

8. In what ways does pornography change the brain of the viewer? How does the neuroplasticity of the brain work in combination with pornography?

9. What lessons does pornography teach men? What does it teach women?

10. Do you think that it is possible to get rid of pornography from society? Why or why not?

11. Since the makers of pornography do not care about the age of the viewer, what can parents, teachers, and other concerned adults do to protect children from viewing pornography?  What are sources of help?

12. What advice would you give a friend who is considering marriage to
someone who struggles with porn?

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