Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

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Two California Moms Sound Alarm About Lewd Sex Ed Coming to Schools

Two parents from California explain their experience in leading parent opposition to CSE.  They explain the concerning details about content that could soon reach more classrooms across America.  

Why sex education has so successfully increased promiscuity, STDs, abortion

Sex education, in essence, proceeds directly out of that assumption that children are entirely incapable of abstaining from sex outside marriage. 

The Politics of “Comprehensive Sexuality Education”

A comprehensive overview of CSE, its history, how it impacts parental rights, the institutions involved and the details of how CSE has been foisted upon an unsuspecting public. 

Comprehensive Sex Education Undermines Students’ Moral Development

Though its practitioners may be well-intentioned, comprehensive sexuality education does not offer a solution to sexual exploitation. On the contrary, it is part of the problem, since it fails to develop students’ capacity to differentiate between genuine love and sexual exploitation. 

Comprehensive sex education violently assaults children and their innocence

The purveyors of CSE are hoping parents won’t look too closely. 

Chicago School Cancels Sex Ed Program After Parents File Suit Against ‘Hook-Up Sex, Porn’ Promotion

Yes, parents can make a difference!  Read the details. 


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Institute of Marriage and Family Canada

10 Things Parents Need to Know About the New Sex Ed

In 2010, Ontario unveiled a new sex-ed curriculum for grades 1–8. When parents saw what was in it, there was so much uproar that the government withdrew it. Now it’s back. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 things parents need to know. (6:40)


The War on Children

This film exposes the most controversial and harmful parts of CSE programs. (35 min.)


Does Sex Ed Conference for Students Go Too Far?

Portland Oregon News reports on a sex conference for middle and high schoolers.  (7:58)
Caution: Graphic material


Study: Abstinence-only works

CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen reports on a new study that shows abstinence-only education works.  She sounds genuinely surprised.

Supplemental Reading

Should Sex Ed Teach Abstinence? Most Americans Say Yes

Barna Research Group—Did you know most teens are not having sex?  When adults are informed of that fact, their views change on sex education. This article has some important charts and information

Hey, Public Schools: it’s time for a seperation of sex and state

Should schools be teaching any kind of Sex-ed?  This writer makes a compelling case that schools should not. 

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE):
Sexual Rights vs. Sexual Health

An overview of what CSE is; what it teaches your children; and organizations that push it. 


Supplemental Videos

Oregon Right to Life

Shocking Sex-Education in Oregon Classrooms


An informative presentation to parents in Oregon on how to become involved opposing CSE curriculum. Great tips for parents in dealing with this problem in your own schools. (34 min.)

American life league

Planned Parenthood exposes children to sexual material in order to seed a generation of clients, who will become future customers for the abortion giant. Click here to see the video on Youtube.

Caution:  Be prepared for strong opinion and very graphic material. (6:35)

Time-stamp edits below.  

*Edited Time Clips for Hooking Kids on Sex*;

You can pause the clip at any time but do not change where the time cursor is during the video.

0-23 seconds

The statistics associated with Planned Parenthood, and what Planned Parenthood focuses on most.

40-1:26 minutes

Doesn’t impact you? Your tax money goes into helping establish sex addictions in children and adolescents.

1:20-2:58 minutes

How the program to teach adolescents about sex is actually the platform to encourage adolescents to engage in outrageous sexual behavior.

3:42-4:26 minutes

It requires mandatory child participation in celebrating sexual deviance. The ultimate goal of Planned Parenthood is to restructure the family through encouraging homosexuality.

4:55-5:16 minutes

Planned Parenthood teaches undergraduates these values through sponsored parties.


Planned Parenthood has a cycle to make money that starts simply by encouraging individuals to engage in sex.


Examples of CSE Curriculum

Happy, Healthy, Hot: A Young People’s Guide to Rights

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)

It’s All One Curriculum Guidelines: Guidelines and Activities for a Unified Approach to Sexuality, Gender, HIV, and Human Rights Education

Population Council

International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education


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Advocacy Tips

Get involved in your community and local governments to make a difference.

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