Compresensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

During the meeting


to guide group discussion:

1. Who is making the decisions as to the form/type of sex education taught in K-12 schools?   Parents or Education Professionals?  Who should be making these decisions?

2. If you could design sexuality lessons, what topics would you include? What topics would you exclude? Why?

3. How much influence do you believe you can have on your child’s sexual attitudes and behaviors? What are the consequences of parents not teaching their children?

4. How comfortable are you talking with your child about sex? Are you committed to do so, no matter how difficult it may be? If you don’t teach your children about sex, where do you want them to learn about it? 

5. What prevents parents from teaching their children about sex education? What might help remove barriers to parental engagement?


6. What can we do to cultivate positive attitudes toward healthy sexuality in our children? 

7. What can we do to help our children be resistant to peer and public pressures surrounding CSE?

8. How can we determine “age appropriateness” of the material we teach?

9. What are some positive ways a parent can teach health sexuality?

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